Mittwoch, 22. November 2017

Post No.2220 - Roses and Candles

 Watercolour 7" x 9"1/2 -  140 lbs / Aquarell 18x 24 cm 300g/m²

Watercolour 7" x 9"1/2 -  140 lbs / Aquarell 18x 24 cm 300g/m²

meant for 101 Ways To Keep Warm
hosted by Chris over at

And it was such a pleasure for me to
 get so many lovely presents recently
from  my dearest internet friends

Visit Gabi's blog HERE.

Wibsche's wonderful gifts for me are so heartwarming -♥♥♥
Visit Wibsche HERE.

Yes, in case you are interested, I turned 54 
ten days ago and enjoyed the day -  and it happened to be a Sunday this year- 
I was able to celebrate with family and friends,
I got lovely presents and soulwarming hugs and many congratualtions calls and mails!
Thank you to all - so nice you thought of me! 
It is  great to have birthday but I think  I had already  too many of this lovely celebrations yet.
In my soul I feel  no day older than just 18 - really!
But when I look into the mirror - it tells me something different!